Cargo Bookings

O African Belt & Road is an initiative of the Innohabitat group, it encompasses the Trans African Railway from Mombasa (Kenya) through to Lagos (Nigeria) with spurs to Angola and Ghana. In the interim, the missing links along the route is serviced by Roadrail off-road road train haulage and can spur to service countries that are not on the route. Roadrail also provides contract haulage solutions for the mining industry. In addition, the African Belt & Road also incorporates Searail which is a High Speed Passenger & Cargo Ferry service from Nigeria to Senegal.

Searail is establishing a high speed commercial heavy cargo ferry service along the ECOWAS Coast from Nigeria to Senegal.

The service is designed to be a cost effective alternative to conventional cross border freight. The focus is to support trade and employment by connecting free trade zones along the coast. The service can easily accommodate commercial vehicles earth moving equipment through to large buses and full laden Semi Trailer Trucks.

The luxurious modern vessel provides a sublime passenger experience with space to walk around and decks to enjoy the scenery and sea air through to bars, dining areas and live entertainment for a truly enjoyable experience.

The vessel is a 266’ Fast RoPax Wave Piercing Catamaran High Speed Ferry built by INCAT of Australia. This design is capable of operating comfortably in ocean wave conditions and carries 700 passengers and 181 cars at speeds of 40 knots. Featuring bow and stern ramps for fast and efficient loading and unloading, the vessel is DNV Class and SOLAS certified.

Commencing at Lekki Free Zone, the route includes Ikorodu, Victoria Island, Daddo Terminal (Nigeria), Cotonou (Benin), Lome (Togo), Tema, Cape Coast & Takoradi (Ghana), Abidjan & San-Pedro (Cote dIvoire), Harper & Monrovia (Liberia), Freetown (Sierra Leone) Conakry (Guinea), Bissau (Guinea Bissau), Banjul (Gambia) and Dakar (Senegal) and return in addition to personnel and freight services to the oil rigs.

Airrail connects with Searail at Bissau to air freight bulk cargo to the international market.

An online booking service and Mobile App is currently being developed to make booking as easy as ordering a taxi.