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Innoauto manufactures a niche range of robust affordable public transportation vehicles specially designed for rough road conditions in Africa.

The flagship of the range is InnoCoaster, a robust 30 seat bus that is engineered for reliability, comfort, safety, longevity, допустимость и специально разработаны для сложных дорожных условий,en. InnoAce is a 15 seat minibus which has the same specification and build quality. Both vehicles are fitted with 3.9L Cummins CNG commercial grade engine and incorporate off-road suspension system that is not otherwise available on the market.

The vehicles are an integral component in the quest to facilitate affordable public transport infrastructure and job creation. The Innoauto Transport Association fosters entrepreneurial development by facilitating highly innovative funding options to enable owner drivers to operate under the brand, management and corporate image of Innotaxi. The model is extended to support youth to prosper through InnoCourier parcel delivery service and by syndication in a programme to support single mothers. Both InnoTaxi and InnoCourier function through an App similar to Uber but with additional functions.

In addition to InnoTaxi and InnoCourier, Innoauto Transport Association provides a turnkey fleet solution for Governments, corporations, mines, universities, banks, hotels, transport and courier companies where no capital is required.

New robust vehicles are provided with owner operator chauffeur drivers to ensure the most professional and reliable service. The fully maintained long term lease arrangement does not require a large capital investment nor any associated interest charges and no additional costs for servicing, maintenance, repairs, insurance, road tax, cleaning or driver employees.

There has been significant demand from mining and petroleum companies who have experienced difficulty in obtaining supply of pickups under a driver lease arrangement and they have been actively seeking a more reliable and affordable solution.

Innoauto has entered into a collaboration with Isuzu to manufacture the TF model dual cab pickup truck to our rigorous design specifications to provide a 4×4 pickup that is specifically designed and engineered for harsh African conditions.

The model in various forms has been in production for fifteen years, as such it has a solid proven track record of reliability. The new Isuzu InnoPickup has undergone an extensive modernised design process and has an array of new features. The modernisation incorporates an entirely new front end and front panels through to updated interior door design and upgraded leather look seats. The new standard features include, air conditioning, electric windows and media system with touch screen and SATNAV. The new steering wheel has control buttons for music and cruise control and there are USB connectors for charging mobile phones in the front and rear.

The primary specification modifications start with a genuine Isuzu CNG engine to provide an unprecedented reduction in fuel costs, expected to be more than 35%. Система CNG использует итальянские компоненты для обеспечения надежности и производительности и включает в себя бензиновый двойную способность топлива,en. The two point six litre Isuzu EZE4-CNG produces 76KW/103PS using CNG and 89KW/121PS using gasoline. The transmission is a five-speed manual, all-wheel drive with classic part-time and a rigid connection of the front end and gear reduction unit. The front has independent suspension and the rear is axle beam with six leaf springs supporting an additional 600 Kg payload.

One of our main innovations is the elongated frame that was created from scratch as a cargo platform with all the associated items (lights, wheel arches, rear bumper). The cargo bed is lis 1,488 mm L, 1,470 mm W and 447 mm H with a gap between the arches of 1050 mm and has an electric tailgate lock that can be activated by a button from the cabin. The total length of the pickup is 5,029 mm and the wheelbase is 3,025 mm. There is an optional long cargo bed that is 1840 mm L as shown in these images.

The vehicle incorporates other features synonymous with Innoauto designed ultra reliability. The most common cause of breakdowns in Africa is overheating, contaminated fuel and punched tires. InnoPickup is fitted with an industrial grade water separator fuel filter, gone are the days of being stranded and requiring expensive maintenance and down time. более того, InnoPickup is fitted with dual electric radiator fans in addition to the hydraulic fan to ensure an efficient cooling system and better functioning air conditioning. InnoPickup is also fitted with attractive alloy wheels featuring off-road tires with puncture proof tire technology. Innowheel также может быть установлен в суровых условиях горных работ,en.

Innoauto Transport Association incorporates a unique and effective office administration, spare parts and workshop facilities infrastructure to provide priority service and repairs at a cost effective price. The solution is that the drivers collectively own the branch depot, gone are the days of being ripped off by mechanics and heavy down time, these mechanics are highly specialized in Innoauto vehicles and work in shifts around the clock servicing and maintaining the fleet. There is also a mobile workshop for remote area servicing.

Innoauto Transport Association has opportunity in Ghana and Nigeria for freelance executives to introduce this solution to multi-national corporations and mining companies and to head up a branch Depot to take applications for owner operator to take advantage of the ITA loan providing 50% loans at 0% interest, typically saving 100% of the price of the vehicle in interest payments.

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November 2021