InnoMAN 540Hp,,mt,InnoMAN 540Hp,,mt,InnoMAN 540Hp,,mt

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InnoMAN is manufactured using 100% MAN Technology with off-road modifications specified by Innoauto specifically to service the mining industry.

The Diesel engine, completely Germany MAN technology and standard,540HP 2500Nm, Euro III, with advanced exhaust valve brake system(EVB)
German ZF Transmission with full sycronizer
MAN techonology MCY13Q axles
Operation language in English
High comfort driving experience with MAN technology luxury cabin type Germany ZF 8098 steering machine and oil pump
American WABCO braking system for Whole Truck Chassis
Germany VOSS braking connectors
Germany MANN HUMMEL fuel filter system and air filter
Germany VDO instrument and electric control block
Germany BEHR cooling system.
Germany TMD disc brake
JOST 3.5 inch fifth wheel

Dead weight: 8,800 Kg
Permissible loading capacity at fifth wheel: 23,200 Kg
Gross vehicle weight: 32,000 Kg
Gross combination weight: 70,000 Kg
Front axle loading capacity: 7,000 Kg
Rear axle loading capacity: 13,000 x 2 Kg


The engine is manufactured using 100% totally Germany MAN technology and standard. It has a long service life: the engine block is made of compact graphite cast iron, and the connecting rod and crankshaft holes adopt the advanced cracking technology, which enables the life of 1,500,000 km. and the cylinder block is of gantry structure, which increases the rigidity and the strength of the engine dramatically.

Low fuel consumption: wide range of economic speed and low fuel consumption of 184g/kWh.
Strong power: max. torque 2500Nm, and maximized output torque of the same displacement level. Light weight: modular design and 25% parts decreased. IA11 dead weight:975kg.
Low noise: the rear timing drive gear reduces additional load due to the torsion vibration of the drive gear and the gear noise. The intermediate gear of the compressor is of the “scissor” coaxial gear structure, eliminating gear clearance and reducing heavy load striking force with low noise.
Good sealing: the cylinder head integrated with the intake manifold reduces poor sealing. The cylinder block and head have their own coolant circuits, greatly improving the sealing thereof.

Make: InnoMAN with MAN Technology

Diesel: 4 stroke diesel engine, with EVB
Engine model: IA11.54, common-rail,Euro III emission standard MAN TECHNOLOGY 6 cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & inter cooling
Maximum output: 540hp (397Kw) at 1900 rpm
Maximum torque: 2500Nm at 1050~1350 rpm
Displacement: 12.419L; Bore: 126mm; Stroke: 166mm
Compression ratio:19:1;
Specific fuel consumption: 184g/kWh;
Thermostat with 80 oC opening begin;
Twin cylinder air compressor Visco fan

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November 2021